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My passion is to bring real science to the people and vice versa using the power of storytelling, artful thinking and technology.

I have brought sophisticated science content to broad audiences across many platforms.

I have created content for brands that helps them attract customers by giving people a better experience than even the most beautiful display ad could deliver: stories that relate to the things they care most about. I have done that with a voice of trust, working with prestigious institutions such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, The White House and the World Economic Forum.

I added filmmaking to my curriculum in 2015 when the Spanish Public Television aired the first two episodes of ROMAN ENGINEERING, an eight-episodes transmedia documentary series for TV that explains the rich legacy of innovation and invention of the Roman civilization. The series was first in Spain to include an iPad app and videos of virtual and augmented reality to enrich the experience and earned awards in International Film & TV Festivals for its educational value, script, special effects and cinematography.

In 2013 I launched, managed and curated a worldwide science video channel for Yahoo. My debut as content producer was on TV. I co-created and was science director of TRES14, a weekly popular-science TV show broadcast throughout the Spanish-speaking world and worked as speaker curator and writer in REDES, the pioneer TV show to share scientific knowledge in Spain and the Hispanic world.

I have delivered presentations and participated in panels at events throughout Europe at leading institutions such as the EuroScience Foundation and the Royal Institution of Great Britain in London. I have been considered a role model for the future generations. I was invited to deliver a TEDx talk to young people about how to effectively navigate the new career landscape and I was selected by a committee including Their Majesties the King and the Queen of Spain to speak at IMPULSA FORUM to a selection of bright young people on entrepreneurship and creativity.

I began my career researching the mechanisms that underlie prion diseases, a family of rare, progressive, neurodegenerative disorders, at the Center for Applied Medical Research in Pamplona, Spain. I hold a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Navarra and a MSc in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication from the Pompeu Fabra University.

I have received multiple awards for my multidisciplinary career in science communication.