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Description of the project: "El Futuro es One" is an online video channel affiliated to EL PAIS, the most widely read newspaper in the Spanish language. It consists of original mini-profiles and micro-docs on influential people and organizations using science/technology in creative ways to advance various causes.

Stephen Hawking: I use technology to communicate and live.

A behind-the-scenes view of the technology world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking uses to communicate explained by Lama Nachman, the principal engineer at Intel leading the team that helps improve Hawking’s computer interface.  

SpaceX launches its first truly reusable rocket

In March 2017 Elon Musk's SpaceX made aerospace history with the successful launch and landing of the first used rocket. The launch was the culmination of 15 years of work and $1 billion of investment in rocket reusability. This short-documentary explains the feat from the inside.

Vint Cerf: Permanent connectivity will be the next step of human evolution

Vint Cerf is recognized as one of "the fathers of the Internet", sharing this title with TCP/IP co-inventor Bob Kahn. In this interview Vint talks about the direction of online connectivity and communication, how will the Internet will look like 1000 years from now and where the Internet will take us. NOTE: This video is only available in Spanish.

Andrew McAfee: What smart machines will do to human jobs?

Andrew McAfee is co-director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, and the associate director of the Center for Digital Business at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He studies the ways information technology affects businesses and business as a whole. In this interview Andrew talks how the rise of smart machines will affect the economy and our jobs. NOTE: This video is only available in Spanish.

America’s First All-Renewable-Energy City

Burlington, Vermont, the state's largest city, recently became the first in the country to use 100% renewable energy for its residents' electricity needs. In a state known for socially conscious policies, the feat represents a milestone in the growing green energy movement. 

Steve Wozniak & Tony Wagner on the 7 skills that will help make our children future-ready

Dr. Tony Wagner, an education Expert In Residence at Harvard University’s new Innovation Lab has identified what he calls a "global achievement gap," which is the leap between what even our best schools are teaching, and the seven must-have skills of the future: Critical thinking and problem-solving, Collaboration across networks and leading by influence, Agility and adaptability, Initiative and entrepreneurialism, Effective oral and written communication, Accessing and analyzing information and Curiosity and imagination. He talks about all of them in this conversation with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Mimicking organs on chips

Could tiny, translucent chips that mimic human organs replace animal testing for drug development? That reality may be coming, according to researchers led by Prof. Donald E. Ingber at the Wyss Institute who have developed organs-on-chips: flexible polymer microchips (about the size of a computer flash drive) that mimic the mechanical and biochemical behaviors of the human organ provide a window into the tissue structures, functions, and motions of lungs, intestines, kidneys, hearts, and other organs.

The world’s most connected human

Chris Dancy is arguably the most high-profile exponent of the “quantified self” movement. He uses commonly available sensors to monitor every move and every breath he makes. Dancy has used technology to improve his productivity and reduce his stress; he has monitored and adapted everything from his food intake to his daily commute to his sleep patterns. He is happier and healthier, he says; he has found a kind of technological mindfulness.

More videos available at: http://one.elpais.com/


Description of the project: Short video featuring Zoe Saldana and Prof. Stephen Hawking designed to stimulate interest and promote education in the emerging scientific field of quantum information theory and quantum computing, especially among women and the Hispanics.